Sound Samples!

It took me a while, but I now have short sound samples on the site.  You can hear them by clicking the MODELS drop-down menu and then clicking LAPSTER to hear that model, or LAPCAT to hear that model.  There are three samples for each model, all played by Joe Savage.  Thanks Joe!

New Hepcat Model

There is a new Hepcat on the way.  I call it the WildCat.  It will have two pickups, a Lollar Supro in the bridge position and a Lollar Gold Foil in the neck position.  Expect it to be awesome!

More details coming soon……

String Anchors

I’ve decided to call them “string anchors”. They go on the back of the guitar where string ferrules would normally go, but I hate those, so I came up with this. Now they just need some chrome plating!