The Lap Cat



The Lap Cat is a 6-string 22 1/2″ scale lap steel that is more or less “guitar-shaped”.  It features a Lollar Chicago Steel pickup, which is a high-output, high-clarity pickup. The bridge is made by Kluson, and the tuners are Grover Sta- tites.  The Lap Cat can be made of  any number of different woods (see menu) and can be finished the way you choose (see menu).

The Lap Cat carries a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner.  This covers defects in materials and workmanship.  It does not cover wear and tear or abuse.

 Price: $1,200

Want to hear the LapCat?    Check out my sound samples played by Joe Savage.  To find out what effects Joe is using on a specific track, click on the Soundcloud icon at the top of that track.    Joe Savage plays pedal and lap steel in and around Minneapolis/St Paul.  Joe can be heard on MPR’s “Wits” and occasionally on “A Prairie Home Companion”.

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