The hep, happy couple!

HepCat Lapster and Savage amp, together in perfect harmony!

lapster and savage

Thank you Jonathan!

Great River Guitar Show

I will have some HepCats (including my latest one) here this weekend in Red Wing.

Come and try them out!

grgs poster

An event!

My HepCats I are going to be part of the MN Music Summit this Friday, April 13th (a lucky day) from 1-5pm in the O’Shaughnessey Auditorium lobby. For more info click this link:





New HepCats in the house

I’ve been busy starting my own guitar repair shop, so the HepCats have been on hold, but they’re coming back!

This will be a first for me: a 7-string Lap Cat with string benders! Pretty crazy.

new lapcat

And I’ve been wanting to do a Lapster in Surf Green with a white racing stripe. Sounds fast!

new lapster