An event!

My HepCats I are going to be part of the MN Music Summit this Friday, April 13th (a lucky day) from 1-5pm in the O’Shaughnessey Auditorium lobby. For more info click this link:





New HepCats in the house

I’ve been busy starting my own guitar repair shop, so the HepCats have been on hold, but they’re coming back!

This will be a first for me: a 7-string Lap Cat with string benders! Pretty crazy.

new lapcat

And I’ve been wanting to do a Lapster in Surf Green with a white racing stripe. Sounds fast!

new lapster

Happy Hepcat Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all you Hepcats!
Hepcat #008 went out the door of El Diablo Amps & Guitars just in time for the holidays! It was a beauty, but there are more where that came from. Get one for every lap steel player on your list! If you’re interested, talk to Alan at El Diablo or message me with your questions!