My name is Michele Beardsley, and I have been repairing and building acoustic and electric guitars since 1988 when I attended the Musical Stringed Instrument Repair and Construction program at the Red Wing Technical College in Red Wing, Minnesota.  From 1992 until February 2017, I worked as a full time repair person at a prominent Minneapolis guitar shop.  In early 2017, I opened my own repair shop, St Paul Guitar Repair, along with longtime friend and fellow repair person Ron Tracy. We are located on the West 7th Street Corridor in St. Paul, Minnesota, just down from the Schmidt Brewery. Our address is 1101 West 7th Street Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102.

I love guitars and in addition to repair work, I also build whenever I can.  Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most experienced and talented people in the business.  I’ve been lucky enough to have my hands on cool guitars of all kinds, and can’t help but be influenced by them and the people who play them.

When I discovered what a lap steel is and what it sounds like, I HAD to build myself one, even though I couldn’t play one.  My first one was a great success, so I set out learning to play it and building more.

6 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hello Michelle,
    I have been noodling around on Pedal and Lap steel as well as guitar for a few yrs and actually did build a lap steel of which I am very proud, but it doesn’t compare with the fine looking flawless instruments your build ind very nice I bet they sound as Fabulous as they look good luck in your future of guitar building .
    My brother and I have made a Firebird and Thunderbird Neck through using a combinationtion of Maple, Purple Heart and Walnut a very nice Combination we will be making more as time permits
    R Myers

    • Hi Rex,
      Thanks for your kind words! Soon I’ll be putting some sound clips on the site so we can actually hear if they sound any good! Have fun building.

  2. I listen to your soundtracks often and especially enjoy the Hawaiian Lapster track. Thanks for sharing your very cool website. Good luck at your promotional event in November!

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